Sapphire Foundation


about us

the sapphire foundation is a family foundation founded by katherine L. Juett in 2011. the board of directors consists of 1st and 2nd generation family members and is headquartered in dallas, texas.  we are proud of the work we do supporting our community, and always strive to make a difference through mindful giving.  Every gift we make is backed with love, appreciation, encouragement and hope.


The foundation is engaged in a new chapter in our evolution. We are searching for imaginative, forward-looking ideas about how organizations can drive change and make big differences in the Dallas community. We welcome new strategies or novel approaches to longstanding problems.  Our ambition for our philanthropy is to be a true partner with and connector among grantees and civic leaders as together we seek to improve the quality of life in our community.






The sapphire Foundation is seeking to enhance the quality of life in the Dallas, Texas area by supporting art, education, social service and other creative endeavors to make our community a better place to live.


Acting on this mission, the trustees have approved over $5 million worth of grants in several program areas. Grants have ranged widely in size and funding type, including small and large projects, new and expanding programs, and more recently, sustainability grants. These contributions are a response to community and regional needs, aiming to produce positive change in many lives while maintaining a focus on the economic and social progress of Dallas and the surrounding region.




grant requests

The Sapphire Foundation's grant requests are considered "invitation only" unless referred by a current grant recipient or board member. our goal is to continue to learn about funding opportunities that align well with our grantmaking strategy.  the foundation's focus will be on the continued support for our current grantees, however, we remain interested in adding new organizations into our portfolio when an appropriate and potentially high-impact partnership opportunity arises.


The Sapphire Foundation also funds special projects / programs that may not fall within the foundation's guidelines.  Proposals for these special projects are by invitation only.  



CONTACT information

Executive director:

Benjamin L. Crosland -

current board members

 Benjamin Crosland ~ Sandy Crosland  ~ Andy Crosland  ~ Adriane Crosland

Justin Treaster ~ Ali Treaster  ~ Salah Boukadoum    

mailing address

1808 S. Good Latimer Expressway - Suite 102 - Dallas, Texas - 75226